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    Land of Sunshine is a Player driven site. A big sandbox of possibilities that we hope to throw in some events and hang ups along the way.

    The city of Santa Cruz, California is where it's based. Beach life; endless dreams to grow or be popped, it all depends on you as the player.

    Real Time, 2018, summer. Arranged Marriage is optional. 18+ to join.

    One month open as of June 6th, 2018! Thank you to all of you who are sticking with us and making it possible!
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Land of Sunshine latest news: Jun 7, 2018
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Welcome to Santa Cruz!
Welcome to LOS; this is where you will find the Rules Plot, Setting information and anything else of importance to read in regards to your playing time at Land of Sunshine!
3 0 May 5 2018, 10:39 AM
In: CBox and Discord direct links
By: Lurker
Announcements, Events & FAQ
This is where we will post any Board Announcements and Events as well as our FAQ guide. This is a guest-friendly forum. If you have any questions and a member of staff isn't around, please feel free to post them here. No question is stupid! Everything that you ask and we answer helps someone else, so don't be shy! You can also hit up our Discord!
Subforums: Activity Check Archives

4 13 Jun 7 2018, 03:46 PM
In: Jun 7, 2018
By: Lurker

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Becoming a Citizen, or just passing through....
When you've read through our information and have decided that you want to be part of our community, you need to register an OOC account first and then you will register a sub-account with your Character's name in order to fill out the Shipper Application. Once you've finished your application, just post either in the acquired forum or post a replying saying the application is completed! You can also hit us up on Discord! The Shipper Application doubles as your Shipper/Plotter, so all you need to do is post this and then you are ready to play!

Subforums: Claims, Works in Progress, Inactive Apps

10 3 Yesterday at 03:33 pm
In: Joshua Brown
By: Joshua Brown
All Shipper applications will be posted to this forum alphabetically. First name, Last name. Once posted and filled with the required information, you are free to play!
47 47 Today at 05:45 pm
In: Haru Onishi
By: Matchstix

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Timelines,Trackers,Want ads, Open Threads
Here you can keep track of Timelines, Trackers and Want Ads. As well as Journals and Photo Albums! Want ads are Guest friendly! You will also find the Open Threads List pinned in here.
Subforums: Want Ads, Trackers

13 6 Yesterday at 07:12 pm
In: Master Canon/Adoptable List.
By: Stefan Schmidt
Character Development
Journals, Diaries, Photo Albums and Character developmental prompts here!You are allowed one journal and one photo album per character. Please be cautious to not stretch the board with images!
Subforums: Journals, Photo Albums, Character Development, Archives

12 16 Today at 06:40 pm
In: Cooper Cohen
By: Cooper Cohen
Phone,Text, Mail, E-mail, Social Media - places for communicating with everyone.
Subforums: Graffiti Wall, Snail Mail, Email & Deliveries, IM,Phone & Text, Social Media, Communication Archives

1 16 May 10 2018, 04:00 PM
In: I should be working
By: Andrei Colton

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LOS.Com is Santa Cruz's own personal Match Making Service. They provide you with the opportunity to take a risk and go for an all out Arranged Marriage. It all depends on your personal preference; so stop on in, read over the information and get signed up.
Note: LOS.com is an optional service, not a requirement.

Subforums: Engagement announcements!

3 0 Jun 8 2018, 08:36 PM
In: Engagement Announcement #01
By: LOS.com
LOS Events
All LOS events will be contained to this forum for now.
Subforums: World Culture Fest 2018 Event #1

5 30 Yesterday at 09:51 pm
In: Duck Diving
By: Tomas Varela

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Where all the housing forums are. Each Residential section of town has it's own individual forum.
Subforums: Beach, Central, Downtown, East, West

46 50 Today at 08:08 pm
In: Little Miss Sunshine
By: Wiley Elwes
Official Businesses
Hospitals, Schools, Police Station, Fire Department and etc.
Subforums: Hospitals & Emergency Services, Santa Cruz Educational Services, Legal Services, Community Services, Other Places, Archived Businesses

10 40 53 minutes ago
In: Campus Creep
By: Andrei Colton
Restaurants, Clubs, Stores & Bars
Places to eat; places to buy food and clothing, places to go relax and have fun. Due to the wide variety offered in Santa Cruz, there are multiple places to take your character!
Subforums: Grocery; Department & Novelty Stores, Restaurants & Cafes, Bars & Clubs

28 155 2 minutes ago
In: After School Treat
By: Benjamin Macey
The Boardwalk Amusement Park, Theaters, Gardens and Parks, Attractions within City Limits.
Subforums: The Main Santa Cruz Beach, Santa Cruz Boardwalk & Amusement Park, Parks & Open Spaces, Movie Theaters & Playhouses, The Mystery Spot, Other Places, Archived Recreation

28 180 Today at 02:09 pm
In: Sun Fun
By: Maui Lehua
Other Places
Other places that you may run into outside of the aforementioned subforums.
Subforums: Archived other places

1 1 Yesterday at 12:26 pm
In: Real-Life Drama
By: Lex Lincoln

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Outside Santa Cruz
Everywhere else outside the city of Santa Cruz; from other towns, to other states.
Subforums: California, The United States, Everywhere else, Archives Outside Santa Cruz

1 1 Jun 8 2018, 11:22 AM
In: L.A. Baby!
By: Miranda Whitney

   AU Events
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AU Mini Events
Have you ever wondered what your character would be like if they weren't Human? Or how they would react if under severe stress? What if they were smack dab right in the center of a traumatic experience? Well, now you don't have to. Every month, a new AU Mini Event/s will go up with a different scenario. You can post a One Shot or write up a Thread with other Players. It's all for fun and NOT Canon. Just remember to keep up with your Canon threads in the process!
Subforums: Stranded on an Island AU#1, Superhero AU #2

2 9 Yesterday at 10:35 pm
In: Stranded
By: Maui Lehua

   OOC Forum
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Chat,Away,Games & Graphics
Here you will find the General Chatting forum, The Absences, The Games and The Graphics/Coding forums. Graphics and Coding area is NOT Guest friendly.
Subforums: Games & Polls, Absences, Graphics & Coding

17 20 Jun 17 2018, 04:45 PM
In: Up, Middle, Down
By: Yvonne Fleming
Drop a Ad for your board and we'll hit you back in return! Feel free to bump it on occasion but don't get obsessive over it. Any ads that stretch the board or have messed up codes will be deleted. If we have to sign in or register to post a link back, your ad will get deleted. If you get obsessive with the posting, deleted-Got it?Thanks!
Subforums: Link Backs & Accepted Ads, First Links

289 3 50 minutes ago
In: Urban Wildlife
By: UW Member

Cooper Cohen
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Right, so here is the skinny. Land of Sunshine! has been open since April 2018 and has a total of 1355 posts, created by 78 members. The most users ever online at once was 15 on Jun 12 2018, 03:26 AM and the most users ever online in one day was 34 on June 6th, 2018.
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Welcome to Land of Sunshine! We are a Real Life site with optional Arranged Marriages and with a 3/3/3, 18+ rating set in Santa Cruz, CA. Please register in proper Caps and if you get lost, please come chat with us below!